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Can I change between Basics and Plus+ Subscriptions?
Can I change between Basics and Plus+ Subscriptions?
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Yes. If you have subscribed via the iOS App Store or the Google Play Store you can change your Basics/Plus Subscription plan at any time by following these steps:

  1. Open the app and ensure you are logged in.

  2. Navigate to the For You tab and tap the Profile icon in the top right.

  3. On the Profile screen, tap Subscription.

  4. On the Subscription screen, tap Manage Subscription and a sheet will appear. Depending on your active subscription, you will either see β€˜Switch to Mindfulness Basics’ OR β€˜Upgrade to Mindfulness Plus+’.

  5. Tap the Continue button and purchase via the iOS/Android payment screen.

Once completed the app will automatically update to show you the content in the new subscription you have chosen.

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