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30-Day Guest Pass Giveaway
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  • How can I share a 30-day guest pass with a friend?

    First, you must already have an active Plus+ subscription to be able to share passes.

    Then, go to Profile, and select Share Mindfulness Plus+

    If you do not see the option, make sure you have the latest version of the app.

    Click Share with a Friend and then use any social/chat app to share it directly with a friend.

  • How many guest passes can I give away for free?

    As a Plus+ member, you will get unlimited free guest passes to share every month.

  • How does my friend redeem their guest pass?

    By clicking on the link that you share with them, they will be taken to with their unique access code automatically filled in. Once they click Redeem they will have to enter their credit card details before claiming the 30 free days.

  • Why do they have to enter their credit card details?

    We ask for their payment information upfront so they can continue enjoying Plus+ after their free period ends.

    If they choose to cancel any time before their 30-day free period ends, their credit card will not be charged.

  • How can I cancel after claiming the 30-day free period?

    Simply contact [email protected] to cancel your Plus+ subscription which will stop it from renewing.

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