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Our Story

Mindfulness.com is born out of a lifelong friendship, and a shared desire to create a more kind and conscious world. In 2014, Melli O’Brien and Matt Dickinson joined forces with one purpose in mind: To empower people to realize their fullest potential through the transformative power of mindfulness. With Melli being a leading mindfulness teacher, and Matt as one of Australia’s most successful technology entrepreneurs, they wanted to see how much impact they could make in our world. In 2015, Matt and Melli created the world's largest Mindfulness conference bringing together 40 of the world’s most respected mindfulness teachers, and building a community of over 300,000 people from around the globe. Thousands of lives were transformed, and over $500,000 was donated to mindfulness-based charities. Now, in 2020, Matt and Melli are officially launching Mindfulness.com as the global hub for the mindfulness movement - with a daily app, an annual summit and a new website on the way. Their vision is for millions of people to discover their inner strength and become forces for good in creating a more beautiful world.

Our Mission

To create the world’s leading mindfulness-based learning and media platform.

Our Team

‘Work’ at Mindfulness.com is not just about creating the highest quality products, it’s about trying to embody mindfulness in everything we do, while having loads of fun along the way.

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